Designer / Artist
Real Name:Tomoe Ikezawa Born: March 29, 1979 in Tokyo
Graduated from the fashion design course of the junior college department at Bunka Fashion College (currently Bunka Gakuen University). 

Shinohara made her debut as a singer with Sony Music Records in 1995 and has built a prolific career as a TV, movie and stage actress. She has also taken on various roles in TV commercials and programs as a narrator / voice actress. 

Shinohara has also been working as a costume designer for others and has done stage costumes for Japanese artists such as Yumi Matsutoya (singer) and Arashi (idol group) for their concert tours. She designed or styled the costumes of many more artists for their album covers and TV shows.

Shinohara has worked with various renowned companies to launch collaborative products as an illustrator. She has also produced her own originally designed fabrics, dress patterns and published sewing handbooks for beginners and became a special committee chairperson of the Japanese Hobby Association in recent years. 

She engages actively in utilizing her talents for regional revitalization throughout Japan, too, such as designing an official mascot character for Ome City, Tokyo, illustrating logos for a campaign for the beautiful starry sky in Tottori, which is promoted by the prefectural government, as well as designing a uniform for a planetarium facility called “Seiren Planet” in Fukui.

Recognized for her past performances and position as a cultural ambassador, she became a member of the Cool Japan Movement Promotion Council, which was established by the Government Cabinet’s Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters, and is also involved in the Japan Cultural Envoys forums hosted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the events of Tokyo Teshigoto Project to be hosted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Main prizes Shinohara has won are the Newcomer Prize of Golden Arrow Award in Entertainment, the 17th Best Jeanist Award in Council Selection and the Kyoto Governor Prize of the 20th Japan Kimono Design Competition. 



本名:池澤友恵 出身:東京都 生年月日:1979年3月29日


2020年、夫でアートディレクターの池澤樹とクリエイティブスタジオ「STUDEO」を設立。 2022年、デザイン・ディレクションを手掛けた革きものが、国際的な広告賞であるニューヨークADC賞のブランドコミュニケーションデザイン部門、シルバーキューブ(銀賞)ファッションデザイン部門でブロンズキューブ(銅賞)を受賞。


・第101回 ニューヨークADC賞 ブランドコミュニケーションデザイン部門 シルバーキューブ(銀賞)
・第101回 ニューヨークADC賞 ファッションデザイン部門 ブロンズキューブ(銅賞)
・第100回 ニューヨークADC賞 トラディショナルアクセサリー MERIT賞
・第100回 ニューヨークADC賞 イノベーション MERIT賞
・Forbes JAPAN WOMEN AWARD 2021 Refa特別賞
・第20回 全国きものデザインコンクール 京都府知事賞
・第17回 ベストジーニスト 協議会選出部門
・第37回 全日本CMフェスティバルタレント賞
・ゴールデンアロー賞 芸能部門 新人賞